Archive for November 14, 2017

Jolly Postman Collages

1R have been getting all creative this week and collaging the different houses in The Jolly Postman story. We used lots of different colours, textures and paints. Our display is a sight to behold!

Amazing Writing!

Mrs Roberts was blown away by 1R’s writing this week. We had to write a recount of a day in the life of the jolly postman and we all used our very best handwriting. We even remembered to use time connectives including ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘then’, ‘after that’ and ‘finally’.

Our work is up on display in the classroom so do come up and take a look if you get chance!

1R Get Handy

This week we have been learning how to measure lengths, heights and width. We’ve learned all about hand spans and compared different objects to see if they are longer or shorter than them!